“With all this darkness around me I feel less alone. In a way.”

Celebrating the 110th anniversary of Irish playwright, poet and novelist Samuel Beckett, James Elston stages Krapp’s Last Tape. A major play that explores the isolated nature of human existence. Exploring complex philosophical conflicts present in Shakespearean tragedies, and combining the comedic elements of modern writers such as Tom Stoppard and Harold Pinter, Krapp’s Last Tape is a play that forces us to question who we are, where we are going, and why we are going there.


A fundamental concept surrounds Krapp acting as the main driving force of the play. A universal notion consisting of three key factors: fear of the future, apprehension toward the present, and a longing for the past. Hopefully this is the first step to a longer tour of this fascinating play in which you will be able to experience the significant impact the words of Samuel Beckett still resonate today.


James Elston studied Drama at Bath Spa University. His time there saw him create and choreograph a number of well received productions; Danse Morte and Sea of Trees. Each focusing on how far the human mind and body can stretch. Completing his dissertation on the aspects of Time, Space, and Memory in the works of Samuel Beckett, James has always had a strong interest in how our minds operate and the blurred line between reality and the surreal. Having taken on the roles of Hamlet and Macbeth, and with recent theatre credits including Ferdinand in The Duchess of Malfi and being on tour with Unique Voice to schools using theatre to inspire and encourage the younger generations.


Performance Schedule

Exeter –  6th & 9th June – Cygnet Theatre

Bath – 11th & 12th June – Burdall’s Yard

Barnstaple – 23rd > 26th June – Queen’s Theatre (Room at the Top)

Bridgwater – 24th August – The McMillan Theatre