The ongoing journey of King Lear, alone and totally disorientated. For the audience, the play of his tragedy is over – yet for him there are still unresolved issues. What actually happened, why did it turn out the way it did, and where does he now turn? He now finds himself in a Theatre, a strange, unfamiliar space. He does not know how he got there or indeed where he is – he is just there.

Lear is left alone to once more think about that fateful day and what followed, using Shakespeare’s own words, reworked by Edinburgh Fringe Award-winning playwright Frank Bramwell. Now Lear has just one hour – one hour to decide what his future holds…

Follow Lear on this spiritual journey, revisiting King Lear from a new perspective in this fascinating one-man play. Immersive Theatre at its very best, as reviewers have commented . . .

“I left the theatre feeling like I’d been exposed to a flawed individual at their most honest – and that honesty is something as terrifying, courageous and honourable as ruling a nation….. the outstanding performance of Bob Young and Bramwell’s truthful presentation of humanity was well worth the watch..”
“King Lear (Alone) is a gripping production and the formidable performance given by Bob Young makes it compelling viewing.”
“Bob Young in the title role, is a powerful performer. His tormented character takes shape thanks to his profound voice, whilst his presence on stage appears carefully studied….” 


About the Company

Inamoment Theatre Company was founded by playwright Frank Bramwell, with the aim of presenting theatre in an accessible, touching way. The company has been touring nationally for 14 years, with works including multiple sequels to Shakespeare classics.

Bath Fringe Festival 

Thursday 8th June @8pm Friday 9th June @6pm 
Burdall’s Yard 7A Anglo Terrace, Bath, BA1 5NH

To book tickets:

For more information please contact Frank Bramwell

07720 839 612 ¦

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