Lee Hurst is back on the road with his new show “Things That Make You Go Aaarggh!!!” Lee will be travelling throughout Britain to find out what really winds you up.  Mostly people get on with living their lives, but everyone has at least one thing that pushes their button and sends them over the edge. What’s yours? Come along for a night of laughter and letting off some steam.

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Lee is known throughout the comedy business as someone who can pull laughs out of thin air, with his razor sharp ability to improvise and ad lib comedy on the spot.   Everyone witnessed this when he first hit our TV screens on ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘They Think It’s All Over’.

There’s only one way to prove how good Lee Hurst is live, and that’s to go and see him for your self.   This is backed up by the fantastic comments he gets on Facebook and Twitter, from audience members after they’ve been to one of Lee’s shows.   He doesn’t just perform a stand up show, it’s an event that changes from night to night.  Book now, you will not be disappointed!


Further information: Christy Causton: Tel. 07852 573959 and Amanda Emery tel. 07702 604735