“Like nothing you’ve ever heard”

Think of a Song Old Theatre Royal – Bath

Every so often, a show comes along that makes you say “now that’s what the Fringe Festival is for”. Not offering certainty – nor a comfortable, easy ride – it promises to challenge, provoke and inspire in a way that mainstream performance rarely can. Brian Madigan’s production, Think of a Song, is one of those events and it is coming to the Old Theatre Royal in Bath on Wednesday 31st May.

Inspired by the works of John Cage and Marina Abramovic, the show has been described as powerful, immersive and unforgettable. Challenging our preconceptions of what to expect when we go to the theatre and asking to what extent the audience is the performance, ‘Think of a Song’ sets out to explore these and other questions in a unique, collective, experimental-theatre experience.

Singer-songwriter Brian Madigan (AKA a Band named Brian) is famed for his lengthy, spoken intros. Indeed, during a previous Fringe Festival performance, he brought the house down when he introduced his last song but ran out of time to perform it! So what if he were to remove the songs altogether – only thinking them ‘out loud’ as the audience is invited to imagine them? Would that be deeply uncomfortable? Transcendental? A brief moment of sanity amid the cacophony of everyday madness? There is, of course, only one way to find out.


After the show, audience members will receive a CD copy of the same performance but in reverse. On this recording, they will hear the performer think the intros and play the songs, pre-recorded ‘live’ in the same space. In addition, both performances will be filmed and edited together to create a video document of the whole, unique experience.

If you only go to one high-risk, experimental, participatory, silent-music performance this Fringe, make it ‘Think of a Song’. One thing is for certain: you won’t forget it in a hurry …

Think of a Song takes place at The Old Theatre Royal in Bath on Wednesday 31st May at 8pm. Tickets are available from the Bath Festival Box Office, priced £8 (£7 cons.). For bookings and information visit or call 01225 463362



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