Sunshine on Leith- University of Bath- Theatre Bath

All the way from Edinburgh, the spirit of The Proclaimers has walked 500 Miles to Bath! Only a month before the Celtic duo are set to rock the Forum this November, students at the University of Bath have taken on the thrilling challenge of warming up the city with the modern musical Sunshine on Leith. This jukebox musical – winner of the TMA Award for Best Musical in 2007 – has never before been performed in Bath, and is ready to burst into its debut complete with smash hit songs, Edinburgh accents and a large dose of Scottish soul.

WHO: Bath University Student Musicals Society (BUSMS),

WHAT: Sunshine on Leith, featuring music from the Proclaimers.

WHEN: Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of October, doors open at 7pm.

WHERE: The Edge Theatre, Bath University.

WHY: Sunshine on Leith tells the story of two brave soldiers, Davy and Ally, returning home from Afghanistan to the people they love. Ally is returning to Davy’s sister – his Scottish sweetheart, nurse Liz – and he’s as in love as ever. For Davy, his return home to his family brings a new and unexpected romance with Liz’s English co-worker Yvonne. All the while, Davy’s parents Rab and Jean seem to be the perfect example of a strong marriage, but ghosts from the past threaten to upturn their lifelong bliss.

Featuring some of the Proclaimers’ greatest hits such as Letter From America, Throw The ‘R’ Away and Let’s Get Married – as well as that ever-popular karaoke hit – Sunshine on Leith is the first time Bath students have performed as Scottish characters. “It’s always tricky to put on a show using a different dialect but our talented cast have really mastered the Edinburgh accent,” says director Erin McCullough in her creative debut at the university, “A lot of hard work, energy and passion has gone into this amazing show; the Proclaimers would be proud!”

The musical will take place in the Edge Theatre, the newly developed and fully accessible arts facility on the University of Bath campus. With support coming from other societies across the university and even from local Somerset businesses, the production is a slick and energetic team effort. Whether you’re a Proclaimers fan, a musical theatre geek or just someone looking for an enjoyable night out, the director is certain that everyone will be swept up in the spirit of it all. “Now rehearsals are almost Over and Done With, we’re On Our Way to a really great show and it would truly Make My Heart Fly if the audience is as packed out as it deserves to be!”

So get your tickets now for the Scottish musical you’d walk 500 Miles to see again!


Sunshine on Leith at the Edge Theatre on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of October. Doors open at 7pm, tickets can be bought from the ICIA Box Office £8 (£5 Concs) online at  or call us on 01225 386777. For more information about the Bath University Student Musicals Society visit and like our facebook page: