All you need is love…? 

 Kenneth is spending his first summer holiday from university in London, staying with his big brother Henry. But this isn’t any summer, it’s 1967 and the world is changing. Henry’s girlfriend Sandra knows this and also thinks that perhaps Kenneth, not Henry may be the person to explore this new world with.

The play follows Sandra and Ken from the heady days of that summer in ’67 through changes in politics and music, through big hair and having children and leaves us in an idyllic country house on another sunny summer’s day. Has all come up roses? Surely life isn’t that simple? 

 Director Lisa Thrower said: “The baby boomers have shaped the world we live in and their generation, now heading into retirement, have lived lives that are often quite different to those of their children. For better or worse the generational clashes Mike Bartlett explores in Love, Love, Love are more about money and expectations than what music you listen to or the length of your hair.” 

This acerbically funny play takes a family drama and through it tells the story of a modern world developing. As we laugh Bartlett asks us some big questions and while the answers aren’t always comfortable, they give food for thought as we head into another election and really bed in to the twenty-first century. 

Tickets for Love, Love, Love are available from Bath Box Office (01225 463362) and the show runs at the Rondo Theatre in Larkhall from 25th-28th March.