This year’s Bath Drama Christmas show at the Rondo Theatre in Larkhall is a magical adaptation of C S Lewis’s classic book, ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’.

IMG_1175When Lucy comes back from exploring the mysterious snowy land  beyond the wardrobe in the old house where she and her sister and two brothers have been evacuated, none of them believe her.  But before long, all four are swept up in the dangers and excitement of Narnia, where animals talk,  the evil White Witch has plunged the country into eternal winter, and the hopes of everyone rest on the coming of Aslan, the king of the beasts.

Culminating in a thrilling battle, this is a show that will appeal to all the family.

Director, Charlotte Howard, who has conjured up the magic of Narnia through her experienced and effective cast and evocative staging and lighting says, “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is my directorial debut. Having acted for many years it was a wonderful challenge and fortunately I have been able to work with an extremely talented and enthusiastic group of actors and craftsmen, without whom nothing could have been achieved.”

Helping to create the magical atmosphere of the piece a beautiful new score has been composed by Moray Macdonald, “In creating a musical accompaniment, I wanted to create music that would be, like the world of Narnia, full of familiar shapes and ideas, but at the same time fantastical (and occasionally sinister). Many of the themes that feature in the dances were inspired by the folk tunes used by Grieg and Mussorgsky in their tone poems, and much of the orchestration was inspired by Orff.”

Alvin’s Designs for the Beaver House


The show really is a family affair with Charlotte’s father Alvin Howard at Bolingbroke Design Service, taking the lead with the set design he comments, “Although I have practised as an architect for forty years and designed everything from a boat to a mosque, I have never before been asked to design a stage set. Taking the ‘Gothick’ early 19th century inspiration as envisaged by the directors, and a severely limited budget, I had great fun creating Narnia.”

One Of Lauren's Designs
One Of Lauren’s Designs





The spectacular costumes for the show have been produced by Lauren Ayres; “This show has been a fantastic project for me, my first as a major part of the costume team. I have really enjoyed the challenge of creating costumes that have a different feel and flavour from that seen in other versions of this production. Having been given a brief of a Gothic and tribal feel, with no animal costumes I have revelled in the creative process and been really challenged with several of the costumes I have made.”

The show runs from Wednesday 16th January until Saturday 19th at 7:30pm and in addition, there are two weekend matinees at 2:30pm on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th.

Tickets are from the Bath Box Office / 01225 463362/


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