Little Mermaid – Egg theatre, 7 December – 14 January

Aurora – Roper Rooms, 15 December – 17 January

This year’s egg Christmas shows bring the underwater adventures of a Little Mermaid and the magic of the Northern Lights to Bath in two brand new productions.


Thousands of leagues deep beneath the sea, a shipwrecked 1950s cruise liner is the grand palace where five young mermaids live on the cusp of mermaidenhood. Unlike her sisters who are happy not to rock the boat, Morgan has an enquiring mind, a brave spirit and a niggling sense that she doesn’t fit in. When the troublemaking Aunt Celeste encourages Morgan to head above water, she surfaces in a 1980s yacht party on the English Riviera, the land she has always dreamed of, and must quickly find her feet … literally! With elements of both period drama and lively rom-com, LITTLE MERMAID combines poignant undertones with fairytale magic, creating a hilarious and exciting family adventure, all set to a shimmering soundtrack of classic 80s pop!



This new version, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s much-loved story, has been adapted by award-winning playwright, Bea Roberts, currently writing for the National Theatre Studio.

Bea explains her plans for the famous heroine – “Everyone knows Disney’s Ariel and Andersen’s otherwise un-named Little Mermaid, but when I was approached to adapt this story I loved the concept of flipping the way this world is usually presented. We’d begin in darkness, in the murky forgotten depths at the bottom of the ocean and journey up to a bright and bombastic world above the waves…

Seeking to expand and enrich the story we turned to the rich folklore of the British Isles. In our version of this popular tale you’ll meet a Selkie. Once famous from the Shetland Isles down to the Scillies, Selkies are mythical seal creatures who can unzip their seal skin to reveal a human underneath. We’ve also fused our story with The Mermaid of Zennor, a gorgeous Cornish mermaid myth.”


The cast includes Emile Clarke, who grew up in Bath before training at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), and has since performed with the Bristol Old Vic, and toured the UK and Paris in productions for Disney and the Museum of London; and Jordan Whyte, who starred in the egg’s much-loved production of The Queen’s Knickers, and has visited the egg and the Ustinov Studio in many of Theatre Alibi’s productions.


LITTLE MERMAID is at the egg theatre from Thursday 7 December to Sunday 14 January. Tickets are on sale now – contact the egg theatre on 01225 823409 to book, and for more information including detailed performance schedule and schools discounts. (Suitable for ages 5+ and families)


Also at the egg, the Northern Lights are brought stunningly to life in AURORA, a brand new Christmas for the youngest children.


Inspired by Inuit folklore and one of the world’s most magical natural phenomena, Aurora combines sound, light and vision to take you to a thrilling multisensory party far up in the night sky. Here the Sun is a young girl, carefree and lost in the joy of dance, while her brother, the Moon, down-to-earth and watchful, follows his sister around the North Pole, taking care that she doesn’t slip over the last horizon…


AURORA is at The Roper Room at the egg, from 15th December – 7th January (suitable for ages 6 months  –  4 years).

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