“A marvellous, magical spectacle that will awe and entertain both adults and children” ***** Three Weeks

Have you ever felt that your modern day magic shows are all very well if you’re into surviving inside an ice block for 30 days or shooting yourself in the head on live television, but are severely lacking in nineteenth century Victorian parlour glamour?

We thought so.

Fringe favourites, Morgan & West, return to the festival with a brand new show chockfull of jaw-dropping, brain-bursting, gasp-eliciting feats of magic. The dashing time travelling magic duo will be offering up a plateful of illusion and impossibility, all served with wit, charm and no small an amount of panache.

“This Victorian illusionist duo gets tighter and tighter every year and their slick, stylised show is always a Fringe treat” **** The Skinny

If you saw Morgan & West: A Grand Adventure last year, you’ll know to expect a thoroughly entertaining, utterly baffling and endlessly charming, family friendly show.

This year they’ll be returning to a traditional, authentic format – a magic show, set in a Victorian parlour setting – just like it would’ve been done in the late nineteenth century. Which of course they can recreate perfectly since they’re from the nineteenth century (did you not pick up on the fact that they are time travellers? Keep up!)

Come prepared for a mixture of conjuring, mind reading and a little bit of time travel – this is going to be their biggest, boldest and most bamboozling show to date.

“Two self-confessed dirty rotten scoundrels did much more than waxen twist their moustaches when they lured the unsuspecting audience into their card den of delectable deception; like the coins and cards and rules of chance and probability that they handle and possess with sublime proficiency, one is, quite literally, twisted around their little finger.” **** Broadway Baby


Morgan & West: Parlour Tricks is at the Rondo Theatre on Friday 30 January at 8pm.
Tickets are £14 / £12 and available from Bath Box Office on 01225 463362 or via their website: