My Theatre Matters! has got off to a great start, with thousands of people signed up to the campaign website and following us via Twitter@theatre_matters.

However, we are now two months in and we need your help to really accelerate the campaign.

My Theatre Matters! is about supporting local theatres and we are keen for the campaign itself to become as local as possible, with individual theatres feeling able (and willing) to adapt the campaign as best suits them.

To do this, we are asking each theatre that has signed up to the campaign to do one very simple thing:

We would like you to nominate a member of your staff to become a My Theatre Matters!  Venue Champion

The role of the champion is to make sure that the MTM! campaign is being deployed in the way that best suits your theatre and to feed back to MTM! organisers what we can do to help out individual theatres. They will also serve as the point of contact between your theatre and us.

It is, of course, up to you who you nominate for the role, but we would suggest an able and relatively junior member of staff, who is keen to get more involved and is engaged with social media. Their role will be to come up with initiatives to better engage staff, audiences and supporters at your venue and to help us make sure that the campaign is as effective as possible across each of the hundreds of theatres that are signed up to the campaign.

Later in the year, we will be holding an MTM! Venue Champions event so that all the various champions from across the country can meet up, compare best practice and discuss the campaign’s progress so far.

If you could please email Gemma Nelson, .uk, with the name and contact details of your nominated champion by 31 May, we’d be very grateful.

In the meantime, please do encourage all your staff and audiences to sign up to the campaign at and follow us on Twitter via @theatre_matters.

Kind regards

David Brownlee (TMA), Alistair Smith (The Stage) and Martin Brown (Equity)

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