Novato Productions is a performing arts company based in Bath, South West England. It incorporates both Novato Dance (formed in 2007) and Novato Theatre (formed in 2012). The company provides a platform for both dancers and actors to gain experience across a range of roles within the performing arts industry whilst studying for degrees at Bath Spa University.


Novato Theatre Company Presents


The Mission Theatre, 23rd-25th May


Awaken begins by exploring Plato’s concept of the soul mate, drawing upon ancient mythology. Cupid and Psyche are cruelly torn apart by the mighty Jupiter, King of the Gods, who feels threatened by the growing strength of mankind. Psyche must undergo a series of gruelling tasks, set out by Cupid’s mother Venus, in order to prove her love. As the piece unfolds, Cupid and Psyche’s relationship is challenged by the complications between the mortal world and the gods. Cupid and Psyche’s son, half mortal, half god, delves into a world of story books brought to life by his imagination in order to escape the chaos of his feuding parents.


Novato Theatre Company was an exciting and new addition to Novato Productions for 2012. Their dedication to creativity means that all of their material is original, devised by the company under the guidance of the Artistic Directors.



Novato Dance Company Presents


The Mission Theatre, 30th May-1st June


Reverse promises to excite and exhilarate as the company guide you on a journey through the captivating and beautiful medium that is dance: from lyrical and contemporary to physical theatre and tap to the singing sensations of musical theatre. Bold, bright and breathtakingly good, Novato Dance has created an original and inspiring showcase of creative work.


Novato Dance Company was founded in 2007 and from the outset has wowed audiences with an assortment of dance styles and the “professionalism, dedication and creativity” displayed. Every choreographer and dancer specialises in a different dance style that is then shared with the company, making Novato Dance a multi-talented, versatile ensemble with a repertoire that appeals to audiences of all ages.


Reverse looks back to the origins of the company and encompasses its spirit with a modern imaginative approach.