Bristol based theatre company, OOOH ARRR Productions, are bringing their third play in two years to The Alma Tavern & Theatre with The Diary of Anne Frank. The company are making their debut at The Rondo Theatre in Bath, the week after their Bristol run of shows.

Anne Frank has become a huge symbol of the holocaust and life during the WW2 for the Jews in hiding. OOOH ARRR Productions’ version of her famous diary is one of the first staged productions, adapted by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Though some aspects of the diary have been changed, it holds close to the real people and their lives in the hidden Annexe over those two years.

The Diary of Anne Frank focuses upon the world in which the Frank family find themselves in after the commencement of World War Two. The Frank family, feeling pressurised by the rising anti-Semitism, are forced the flee their home and go into hiding after their eldest daughter, Margot Frank, receives her summons. The family move into a secret annexe which is located within Mr Otto Frank’s Amsterdam offices. The annexe is placed upon a narrow stairway and is disguised with a book case placed in front of the door.

The Frank’s, well natured and good-mannered people, invite the Van Pels (Van Daans, in this adaptation) to live with them during their tenure. However, tensions quickly rise as two worried families are crammed into a tiny living space for the foreseeable future. Difficulties further arise when Fritz Pfeffer (Mr Dusell, in this adaptation) moves in and must share Anne’s room with her, much to her disappointment. The story follows the real people who lived within the annexe and tells the real stories of these people as they struggled through every day in hiding, trying to keep the peace, in their tiny annexe.

Director Phoebe Mulcahy said this on directing The Diary of Anne Frank:

‘Directing this play has been a test of laughs and heartbreak. We have revelled in the joyous family moments, prankster nature of Anne and true friendships formed, yet also exposed the fear, tension and desperation of this period of history. As a team we have worked together to research and explore the lives, personalities and circumstances of these families. Sit and experience the day to day life of people forced to live together in tense and stifling circumstances. We wish to share a moment of history with you and honour their memory.’

Monday 29th January – Saturday 3rd February 2018 – The Alma Tavern & Theatre – 7:30pm

Wednesday 7th February – Saturday 10th February 2018 – The Rondo Theatre – 7:30pm

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