Missed out on auditions? Don’t panic …
We had a fantastic turnout for auditions, but are granted you lucky folk another chance to audition. 
Sunday 3rd July at 2pm

The Hut, Vane Street
Bath Drama’s Autumn show will run 5th – 8th October 2016 at the Rondo Theatre, Larkhall

Linda and Dave are getting married in the morning. Unbeknownst to each other they’ve decided to hold their Stag & Hen parties in the same dance hall. There’s drinking, singing, dancing & a live band, the lead singer of which happens to be Linda’s ex-boyfriend.

When Peter shows up he reminds Linda of all she’d be giving up if she marries Dave, which everyone expects her to do. Peter offers her an escape, but will she take it?

Willy Russell’s irreverent comedy will be an entertaining night set in the 70’s, whilst also addressing some real issues of the time.

Linda – The Bride, reluctantly 

 Robbie – the ladies man

Bernadette – the loud mouth 

 Billy – the oddball

Maureen – the drunk, cry-baby 

 Kav – the piss artist

Frances – the best friend 

 Eddy – the best man

Carol – the work colleague 

 Dave – the groom

                                                                                    Peter – the rockstar

                                                                                    Roadie – (can be doubled)

 Playing ages should be in their twenties, but if you can pull off being a little younger, please do come along. Most important is that the cast can appear to be a group of close friends.

Rehearsals will run Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons throughout August and September.
We’re especially short on men for the show, so please spread the word!