Directed by Alison McCausland at The Rondo theatre, Larkhall, 14th – 18th July, 8pm.
Ordinary Days proves to be anything but ordinary. Fresh, fast-paced and fun, it follows two pairs of aspiring adults finding their way in New York.

Warren, a would be artist house sitting for a real one, hands out his own fliers on the street, thus meeting Deb, a sparky, spiky student with her own flat, “Virginia Woolf and me, this is where we stay,” she sings.

Jason and Claire are already a couple, sort of, as he moves into her flat which causes more problems than living separately.

Tom Corbishley, Anna Robertson, Andrew English and Aimi Kuhike play them to the life, perfectly. Perhaps Anna as Deb has the best lines, songs, laughs and outstanding character but they’re faultless as they come to terms with each other.

The set is a huge cardboard box skyscraper scene, taking us from the pavement to the rooftops, but almost the star of the show is unseen, hard working, Harry Burt, Musical Director and pianist, essential and poignant in every scene.

With lyrics sometimes reminiscent of Sondheim, this unmissable musical is a treat. Why it’s not performed more often is a mystery to me. The audience loved it and so will you.
Philip Horton