Set in a 1930s Parisian jazz club, guitarist Django Reinhardt and singer Yvette Pepin perform the classical myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, taking the audience on a musical journey. The tragic lovers meet and fall in love but Eurydice is soon bitten by a snake and is forced to dwell in the Underworld where Orpheus descends to bring her back. Hades agrees to release her on the condition that Orpheus blindly trust that she is following him.

I was a little dubious as to how the company could stretch out the story but it was a fantastic two hours of tongue-in-cheek humour, crazy characters, puppetry, masks and above all, amazing music. Eugenie Pastor who plays Yvette is an excellent Edith Piaf impressionist and treats us to a number of her hits while Tom Penn gives an impressively haunting falsetto as Persephone. Dominic Conway’s guitar playing does justice to Django Reinhardt whom he affectionately portrays.

Played as a silent movie with musical accompaniment, it is the strong supporting performances of the backing singers/musicians and the stagehands/actors that make this production sparkle. The woodland animal scene in particular is a treat!
Anna McGrail