Title: Othello by William Shakespeare
Location: Mission Theatre
Link out: Click here
Description: ‘I follow him, to serve my turn upon him.’

Othello’s promotion and decision to make Cassio his number two incenses Iago who plots revenge against the injustice. Othello’s secret marriage to Desdemona has enraged her father, Brabantio, a fact which Iago twists to his own advantage, whilst plotting to persuade Othello of Desdemona’s infidelity with Cassio.

A great tragedy, a ruthless villain and a hapless victim, who better than RumDoxy to…

Of one that loved not wisely but too well,
and ………threw a pearl away
Richer than all his tribe……………….”

RumDoxy Theatre present this new adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic set in the modern world of ‘The Media’. This production is part of RumDoxy’s ‘Shakespeare On A Shoe-string’ collection, it’s a 90 minute performance using the original Shakespearian language.


Thu 21 – Fri 22 June @ 7.30pm
Tickets – £10 (£8 concs)
Bath Box Office 01225 463362 online at www.bathboxoffice.org.uk
Start Date: 2012-06-21
Start Time: 19:30
End Date: 2012-06-22