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“One of the most authoritative voices in American and English folk.” Chris Morris, Billboard

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Multi-talented songwriter, performer and inspirational feminist activist, Peggy Seeger plays for ICIA, University of Bath at Chapel Arts Centre on Sat 19 Oct, 8pm. 


Peggy is a singer of traditional and contemporary songs whose music speaks to us about eternal themes as well as giving us sharp lyrical observations into topical stories. She will be performing her own songs including the now legendary “Gonna be an Engineer” As well as traditional Anglo/American ballads.

Peggy Seeger has had a fascinating life and career. Collaborating with partner Ewan McColl in 1958, Peggy co-created the BBC’s Radio Ballads, pioneering modern approaches to radio and sound art.  Her travel and activism drew fire from the US during the cold war and McCarthyist era.

Her rapport with her audience and informative and often humorous patter between songs make for an enjoyable, inspiring and memorable evening.

Peggy ‘s show will be opened by Hannah Martin, one of the new generation of English folk; an award-winning singer, songwriter, fiddle-and-banjo player.

Tickets cost £14, £12 Concs and can be purchased online or by calling the ICIA Box Office 01225 386777