Bath Fringe- King Canute- Theatre Bath

Bath Fringe- King Canute- Theatre Bath

In recent years the analogy of King Canute vainly trying to hold back the tide has been used constantly. Whether it be over injunctions, Ryan Giggs, the expenses scandal, phone hacking, and most prominently of all and possibly most pertinent, the handling of the Somerset levels crisis last year. But is this analogy correct?


The story of King Canute is less about a vain King learning from his mistakes and more about what a wise leader will do to teach his subjects a lesson, hence why parallels are drawn in the
modern world. Our devised production of King Canute explores how legend becomes distorted when it is told and retold, through beautiful feats of theatricality.

A Devised Production. Running Time 30Minutes (Approx.) Burdalls Yard 8PM 2nd June – Bath Fringe Festival
The Egg 1PM 3rd June – The Egg Cracked Festival

Director: Ben Anderson  Writer: Rebecca Gillies  Producer: Tilley Sheriden

Performer: Jarrod Ball  Performer: Dominic Crocker  Performer: Matthew Parker