On peeking in at the final dress rehearsal last night, it looks like all is set for this quirky musical about a New Years Eve party with many guests all with their stories to tell.

It is not as well written as previous ESL choices such as Spelling Bee and New Brain, which is not the fault of the excellent cast; but there is little material for the company to work on. The script is fuelled with stereotypes whilst featuring songs about “A gay and a fag hag” and “smoking” which jars slightly – after much setting up there is a series of solos that define most of Act 2.

The plot revolves around Jennifer, the perfect hostess, (Sophie Watson) and her partner Christopher (Andrew English), who is holding a party; Jennifer has just discovered Christopher is having an affair and the “other woman” is in the room.

The performances and vocals are strong under the guidance of Harry Burt with the static set and costumes capturing the era well. Exit Stage Left are confident in taking on these lesser performed works and they are well supported. If you are interested in seeing new writing then go as there are few groups in Bath willing to accept the challenge of bringing something new Bath audiences.

Petra Schofield