Coulrophobia- Dik and Adam in Box 2

Bristol-based Pickled Image theatre company return to the University Theatre with their latest, darkly humourous production. Lifting ‘fear of clowns’ to a terrifying new level, Coulrophobia unleashes theatrical madness as two traditional clowns find themselves in a very strange situation.

Unsuspecting clowns Dik and Adam have somehow entered a world where everything is made of cardboard: chairs, tables, a lift, musical instruments and even a boat. They have no idea why they are here or what they are supposed to be doing; only that their actions seem to be beyond their control. It is almost as if someone else was making them perform against their will…

Through a series of outrageous sketches, involving slapstick, mime and much audience participation, the two clowns discover that they are indeed trapped and are being controlled by a diminutive yet terrifying, evil presence. The only way to escape their dilemma is to dupe two members of the audience into taking their places. Will this be possible?


Tickets: £12 (£8 concessions)

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