God of Carnage

A Comedy of Manners – Without the Manners


by Yasmina Reza 

Translated by Christopher Hampton


When an argument between two young schoolboys results in one of the boys losing his teeth the parents of both children decide to meet to discuss the matter. But what begins as a civilised chat soon spirals into an hysterical, alcohol induced night of name-calling, tantrums and tears as each couple sinks to the level of bickering children.

It’s absolute carnage and no one survives unscathed in this hilarious comedy !


Boys will be boys, but adults are usually worse ……much worse


Platform 8 follow their successful production Humble Boy, with this must-see Olivier best new comedy award winning play. 



The Mission Theatre, Corn Street, Bath

July 27th-30th 7.30pm


Tickets £12 (£10 cons)

Platform 8 …………..01225 426039 e-mail

Bath Box Office…….01225 463362 www.bathboxoffice.org.uk