Ten years almost to the month since they formed, Playing Up are returning to their favourite theatre The Rondo with a very funny yet rarely performed play by a true master of wit, Ben Jonson.

Volpone is perhaps Jonson’s best loved comedy (he also wrote The Alchemist) and is full of physical and verbal wit which Playing Up, in their inimitable style, will bring wonderfully to life.

The old miser Volpone and his servant Mosca pretend that he is dying in order that they can gleefully fleece his greedy friends, all of whom are desperately hoping to be heir to his fortune. These con artists employ every trick in the book, including plenty of ridiculous disguises, to amass a fortune at the expense of others stupidity.

This is an updated and highly physical version of a Jacobean classic which, while sticking to the original script, blends modern music and visual jokes to guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable production.

Performances are from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd February at The Rondo Theatre starting at 7:30pm and tickets are available from Bath Box Office.