Playing Up Theatre Company has built a strong reputation in the South West for producing theatre that has strong relevance to education. Sometimes the plays themselves are set texts, such as Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, Journey’s End, Dr. Faustus and Volpone.

 Alternatively, the playwright or generic style of the piece appears on curriculums, such as Waiting for Godot, Our Country’s Good or Antigone. Now the company are about to perform The Trial by Steven Berkoff, a play that is both a set text and also written by a playwright who is a celebrated and studied practitioner at GCSE, A level and even at Drama schools and universities. 
The Trial is one his Berkoff’s earliest plays, devised and adapted from the novel by Franz Kafka while he was teaching at Webber-Douglas Academy. 


On the morning of his 30th birthday the chief cashier of an unamed bank, Josef K., is unexpectedly arrested by two unidentified agents from an unspecified agency for an unspecified crime. He spends months awaiting trial but has no idea why and, ultimately begins to realise, that he will never find out why. Told using Berkoff’s inimitable style of mime (he studied mime in Paris under LeCoq) and physical theatre, this is an absurdist comedy with Orwellian overtones. Using a Greek style chorus who never leave the stage, Berkoff created a classic and unique piece of British theatre that is a visual theatrical treat and, in places, absurdly funny. Playing Up’s versions sticks faithfully to the Berkovian aesthetic and original staging concepts. 


The Trial is being performed at: The Rondo Theatre in Larkhall, Bath between Wednesday 15th and Saturday 18th February 2017 starting at 7:30pm.

Tickets, including student tickets at £5, are available from or 0333 6663366

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