A new partnership between the David Glass Ensemble and Bath Spa University will bring an innovative approach to how students are taught performance based subjects at the University.

The new partnership places an emphasis on the professional training of students so that they enter the creative industries as accomplished actors, producers and directors.

Speaking about the exciting new venture, Kerry Irvine, Producer at Bath Spa University said:

“We are thrilled to be working with David Glass. He is an inspiring and dynamic artist, whose knowledge and expertise enhances our students training and experience, but also stimulates new and exciting theatre performances for the industry and audiences alike.

At Bath Spa we are committed to achieving excellence and rigour in our work, providing our creative graduates with the essential skills they require to be employable and adaptable in an ever changing landscape.

To do this it’s critical that we engage outstanding, forward thinking artists from the creative industries, like David Glass, and develop purposeful partnerships and models of working that not only support early career talent and the industry they are entering but innovates practice and artistic output.

David Glass has performed, directed and taught in over 70 countries. He trained at the Lecoq School in Paris and worked as a soloist before establishing the multi-award winning David Glass Ensemble in 1990.

His passion for education and training in the arts is well-known and he explains why partnering with Bath Spa University will help the next generation of theatre makers: The vitality, passion and voice of young artists is the seedbed and engine of the arts. This is doubly true for theatre. We live in a time of unprecedented change and upheaval. The job of the young is to engage in this change and for young artists to reflect this back at that changing society.

A progressive and creatively practice led institution like Bath Spa is the seedbed for the future. The mixture of rigour, provocation and reflectivity is obvious in the graduates of the college. The partnership between the students and staff of Bath Spa and the Ensemble will create a vital bridge into the international world of professional theatre making and teaching and I hope will leave an enduring legacy for both organisations and the future life of its graduates.”

The first co-production is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House which will be performed at the University’s Theatre at Newton Park in Bath from Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 September. It is a David Glass Ensemble and OnSet co-production produced by Konzept Arts and Ideas supported by Santander Universities.

Three Bath Spa Acting graduates successfully auditioned for a part in Bleak House. Aimee Pollock plays the part of Esther Summerson, Charlotte Lily-Gray as Ada Clair, and Tommy Carmichael as Richard Carstairs in one of Dicken’s most powerful and heartrending books.

It is testament to the quality of the course at Bath Spa that three recent graduates will be acting in this production.

Other co-productions will be forthcoming throughout the academic year with students given the opportunity to perform, produce and direct.

Tickets for Bleak House are available from the Bath Spa Live website.