egg, Theatre Royal Bath 

14-16 October, and then touring the UK until 5 March 2017

The kids’ faces and commentaries said it all – “How does she do that?!” “She’s so – creative!” When modern, smart kids giggle and gasp (and have space to be sad as well as gleeful) as a show unfolds before their eyes, you know this is one worth seeing. 

Mavis is a cleaner. She’s jolly tinged with a tear. Think an older kids’ Mr Tumble with way more twinkle and a bit of a sad back-story. Because today, she has to move on. Today, she’s got decisions to make. Will she stay with what she knows? Or take a leap into the unknown, and look for the magic in everyday things? (Don’t worry – it all ends well). 

In under an hour, Eve Robertson, our warm-hearted Mavis, takes the kids on a wide-ranging entertainment-adventure. She magics away coins, makes litter dance, her bucket chases her like a pug dog and she owns a very extendable feather duster that can tickle the furthest cheeky monkey. As she tells the tale of her orphan hedgehog, Spike, and her own history of a circus childhood, Mavis uses shadow puppets, music, lights and magic to entrance children of all ages.

If the tale feels a little sad at times (her parents stopped performing to give her a stable schooling, and open up a cleaning business), the pay-off is a great big smile of hope. Spike chooses to go with her on a magical adventure to clean a Shetland lighthouse, and follow the Northern Lights. Because life is an adventure if you look for the magic.
*** 1/2 (3.5) Stars


Gill Kirk