4th June 2016
Situated in Prior Park, getting to ‘The Darkling Society’ was quite an adventure in itself. That’s the point. Kilter Theatre Company are a bunch of passionate people it shows in the attention to detail. The setting that they have picked to perform in has obviously been agonised over and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We arrived into the picnic area to sounds of champagne popping, the glug of wine pouring and picnics being shared before the performance.
The audience were greeted by Oliver Langdon playing Hersch as he congratulated us all for breaking out of the ‘big shiny city’. The small stage in a clearing surrounded by large felted moths creates a uniquely magical space. 
Musicians Tom Ball and Katie Stone Lonergan produced music that cast a spell over the audience. They wore exquisite bird hats, hand crafted by Edwina Bridgeman, their beady eyes watching over us all.
Langdon and Caroline Garland both writers and performers gave highly energising performances. They created a myriad of characters by simple yet powerful changes in physicality.
Sweet smells of wild garlic and lilac lying heavy in the air, wood pigeons, blackbirds, moths flying above and amongst us. We were reminded often and emphatically, ‘This is where we are. It feels good.’ It does feel good, music hung in the warm air, colossal trees cradling us all in this charming setting. Kilter Theatre keep us connected with our surroundings at all times while holding our hands and whispering secret stories to us.
If they hadn’t already sold out, I’d be telling you to buy a ticket right now. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket already, do yourself a favour and bring a cushion to sit on. Stay and play at the end and become part of the ‘Darkling Society’.


Anita MacCallum