This rather lavish and beautiful looking production from Theatre Royal Bath Productions is a strange recipe of modern song dealing with medical woes including the danger of “googling” your symptoms online alongside a classically ornate design from Paul Wills. The two do not seem to be comfortable partners and at times it is difficult to understand the focus or drive of the production.

The impressive cast work well with Tracie Bennett as the much maligned servant Toinette who is responsible for examining and storing the various contents of the commode belonging to her master Argan (Tony Robinson.)

It is the cameo roles that seem to work best, Craig Gazey as a wonderfully unsuitable suitor Thomas, insipid and decked out in his green finery is a lovely moment; the music of Andrew Bevis and the accompanying musicians provide transitional fun between scenes whilst Imogen Stubbs as the gold digging Beline and Lisa Diveney as lovelorn Angelique provide good contrast.

No doubt as the tour progresses it will find its pace and rhythm as a production, as it presented this week it felt a little disappointing and indeed of a tonic despite the promising credentials.

** (2 stars)

Petra Schofield