Dir: Richard Warren

This one woman, one act play packs a powerful punch.  Bearded Theatre Company presents a one act play based on research into true stories and case histories of female killers on death row.

Set in Huntsville Prison, Texas 1959. Elyese Dukie is on death row accused of murdering two people, this intimate piece explores whether she is the murderer or the victim, whether her destiny is the electric chair or a psyciatiric hospital; or who was responsible for the crimes, Elyese Dukie or John Hayes?

Writer and performer Lucy Roslyn has created a melting pot of ideas, the underlying theme of female killers and their lives on death row is intriguing but combining this with a male alter ego allows the character of Elyese becomes even more complex.

It is a strong performance on the bare stage, except for a prison bed with a fixed lighting state – however the actual changes in character and psychosis is occasionally difficult to follow which detracts from the aim of the piece.

There is a mix of dark humour in the writing, which perhaps needs further editing to create the potential of what this drama could ultimately achieve.

Petra Schofield

2 stars