20:20 Vision New Writing Festival

Produced by David Shopland & Lewis J. Oatley

Directed by David Shopland

Bath Masonic Hall (The Old Theatre Royal)

7 new writers, 15 young actors and one imaginatively staged evening of entertainment. The 20:20 new writing festival is set to be one of the highlights of the Bath Fringe Festival this year.

Every piece has its own unique voice and setting among the grandeur of Bath’s Masonic Hall – a building perfectly suited to the plays being staged. All of the plays have an incredible intimate feeling to them, helped by the use of the spaces, truly immersing you in the action and drama throughout. 

The opening prologue is painfully truthful, darkly funny and superbly performed by Lewis J. Oatley and sets the standard and the tone of the evening perfectly. From there we’re led on an exciting journey as we’re split into different groups and are taken to different rooms within the Old Theatre Royal.

All the plays warrant a credit of their own, each bringing something new, different and unexpected. From the hilariously funny and quite naughty Party of Three to the haunting Silent Chalk: Chrysalis. Without giving too much away the opening of Our Love Is Like shows a brilliant use of the space and a sweet little story. Influenza brings a slightly darker tone to the proceedings but is also scarily easy to relate to. Love and it’s different forms are the subject of the next two pieces; Like Leo and Kate is a delicate and authentic look at lost love and regrets. Finally, A Definition Of Love is poetically written, with well directed and at times, intense monologues which use the space to its full potential as the piece races through to its finale.

Praise should be given to ALL of the actors and team involved in this epic project. It was a truly remarkable evening of well constructed and beautifully conceived site-specific theatre, which was a true delight to watch and participate in. Go and watch it!

20:20 vision runs until Sunday at the Bath Masonic Hall (the Old Theatre Royal).