The 24 Hour Plays were an incredible feat of creativity. On the Saturday, 24 hours before the performance, six writers, six directors and a group of actors met for the first time. In those 24 hours they wrote, directed and rehearsed six new twenty minute plays, ready to be performed to the audience on the Sunday night.

​Of course the whole concept of this performance was that it was entirely created in 24 hours, however if you went into The 24 Hour Plays unaware of this you would not have been able to tell. The stories were fully formed, the acting was faultless and actors only stumbled over their lines a few times, despite the fact that they were still learning their lines backstage.

​Each of the six plays had a very different feel to them, some were funny, others were serious, and others were sad. I was particularly impressed with ‘Riverside’ (written by Mike Akers and directed by Jesse Jones) as not only was this an excellent story, but it was slightly choreographed too, with the actors becoming a boat being rocked in dangerous waters. Personally, I enjoyed ‘Georgia on my Mind’ most (written by Miriam Battye and directed by Lisa Gregan), as I loved how the protagonist Elliott was introduced to us, and had his story told without him speaking – it was all told by the five narrators. I thought this was such a unique way of storytelling and thought it worked perfectly for the story. All six plays were amazing and I couldn’t fault a single thing in them.

​There was also a band on the night who performed a different song for each play, which set the scene perfectly. The band hadn’t met prior to the 24 hours, yet worked together as if they’d been a band for years.

​The 24 Hour Plays were truly incredible. If you ever get the chance to see them do this again then I urge you to get tickets and go. You will not be disappointed.


***** – 5 stars.

By Chloe Rogers.

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