Christmas, in all its magical and heart-warming splendour, comes to life in this not to be missed production of the Bluebird. Your imagination is captured from the opening medley of the living ‘Marketplace’ to the final resolution that will leave you with a smile and wanting the story to never end.

In a season of commercialism and big names in cameo pantomimes, it is a true joy to see a genuine, magical tale on stage at the Rondo Theatre. The creative storytelling is simple in its technique but executed with brilliant energy by the company of actors who optimise the term ‘ensemble playing’.

Kristy Cox, Oliver Langdon, and Fliss Russell all work diligently to journey the audience through the beautifully adapted tale of a young boy who is in search of a Bluebird who can ‘right any wrong and soothe any sorrow’. Stellar performances by Clare McMahon as Tyltyl and Louis Labovitch as Tylo bring the world to life with wonderful commitment and physicality.

Live percussion, beautiful timing, a children’s storybook set lit wonderfully to provide a creative and mysterious world in front of your eyes all contribute to this night of magic.

In a world where ‘Everyone gets in trouble, it’s what you learn from the trouble that counts’, we can all learn a lesson or two from Bluebird while reliving our childhood fantastical innocence.


A brilliant family show and a must see for all children this Christmas!

Claire Seymour

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