Dåg Søras is a Norwegian comic, so, classically, you’d expect dark, brooding, bleak humour nursed in the long cold nights by the fjords. Turns out that’s actually pretty much what he does. He’s toured with Doug Stanhope, apparently, and has some of Doug’s tropes: a sort of twisted pride in drinking too much (He drinks throughout the performance, just like Doug.); a willingness to have outrageous opinions on supposedly taboo subjects; and a jaundiced view of humanity. But for this critic, he has more comic awareness than the American. His comments are barbed and astringent always, but he’s not arrogant about his opinions, or self-congratulatory, and he can make political satire hit hard while still making you laugh out loud. “The Vikings were at least honest about their foreign policy – rape, pillage, kill: they didn’t say they were bringing democracy and civilisation.” This is no-punches-pulled sort of comedy, and not for the faint-hearted. Daring stuff: I just wonder if he’d be even sharper if he didn’t drink so much.


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood