Every so often it is possible to discover an absolute gem of a show. The large audience at The Rondo were certainly better informed than I of the artistry of Sylvia Hunt, for that I felt a little bit left out; however I am now part of the fan club.

Sylvia Hunt is clearly a highly talented and accomplished comedienne and puppeteer. She leads us through the relationships people have with their dogs and also at times inhabits the dog world herself, resplendent with bouncing ears and endless energy.


There are moments of pure comedy gold; the series of vignettes are entertaining with some being more successful than others. Regardless of this, it is clear that the show is unique and wildly creative; the multipurpose set allows the scenes to flow seamlessly throughout the show, the music and tracks are also well chosen. There are outstanding moments, which include: the poodle parlour, the visit to the vet, the squirrel collector and a finale that almost stopped the show in its tracks. The overall performance will no doubt be tailored after this first outing as here is a diamond ready for final polishing and unleashing on further venues.



Aside from the engaging central human, the puppetry mastery of Marc Parrett brings to life many familiar canine faces. From the poodle to the drug sniffer dog the synchronicity of puppet and puppeteer is an absolute joy to watch. This piece is well worth following as it starts its journey. It has the makings of an absolute hit.


**** – 4 Stars

Petra Schofield


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