Saturday 28th May
The strength of a cabaret is in the variety and vibrancy of its performers, and Duribbs Cabaret brought a range of talent to Burdall’s Yard.
Performance poetry was well represented by Katheryn O’Driscoll, whose first poem read with the intimacy of a letter, human and touching, before enfolding a more elegant weaving of imagery and intellect in ‘The Teacher’. Samantha Boarer’s poetry teased the border between candid and crude, always managing to stay on the side that got the best laughs. No illustration is needed further than the brilliantly titled ‘Apology to my Vagina’ – only her second most controversial poem.
Of the four stand-up comedians, each struck the funny bone with vibrant deliveries and easy laughs. Josh McGrillen entertained with a dramatic and even raunchy reading of newspaper oddities. Bethany Gallett highlighted the bathos of a short person’s everyday life with winning indignation. Liam James Maddin filled the room instantly with his biting, gorgeously camp wit with less of a structured set and more of a hilarious back-stage chat. Lastly, Chris Green gave a lively take on the difficulties of both second year uni lifestyle and whip-wielding impromptu BDSM.
The evening was delightfully punctuated by Tommy Roberts, a singer with an obvious talent for musical theatre. After introducing himself with a strong and controlled version of the Moulin Rouge showstopper ‘Your Song’, he eased himself into performance-centric musical numbers from Into The Woods and Chicago brimming with personality.
A clear highlight was burlesque artist Cici Noir, who balanced every ounce of eroticism with elegance in equal parts. Her performance was seductive and enchanting to the point where, as an audience member, you forget even to feel guilty watching such a sensual display with an open mouth.
**** – 4 Stars 

Joshua Lambert

Photo by Nick Davis of Abacus Photography.