The first part of this solo show wasn’t really the show, just some filler to get us to the interval, with lots of aimless audience ‘banter’, mostly with a ten-year-old boy in the front row. This jaded critic found the whole bumptious carry-on, with your man saying nothing very much at great length and laughing at himself all the time, rather wearisome. But it seemed to go down well. The actual show, after the interval, seemed very much aimed at a young audience; and indeed the average age of the punters was not much above the teens, I think. He’s young himself, and likes to talk about when he was even younger (which maybe accounts for the age demographic in the room), and I started to wonder if I’m too old for this – but it got better. The apparently all-over-the-shop style of presentation is deceptive. What gradually unfolds is a sort of revenge tragedy, or rather revenge comedy. We’ve all got resentments about things that happened to us at school, and this was a cleverly put together piece about long-delayed and deeply satisfying vengeance, involving among other twists and turns an encounter with Justin Bieber; what it’s like to be dumped by your girlfriend on an Alton Towers ride; and how to get the help of 600 strangers in Norwich. Really good fun.


John Christopher Wood