Messrs Morgan and West are two dapper gentlemen of a Victorian appearance, in their mahogany panelled Victorian parlour. But they are capable of time travel – and not just in the usual forward direction – as well as many other things, as they proceed to demonstrate. This is an evening of genteel magic trickery in which our two frock-coated heroes baffle and astonish their audience (most of whom wind up on stage at one point or another) with feats of seemingly impossible mind-reading; and of incredible mathematical memorising; boxes which change size, apparently, while you are looking at them; and much more – though, sadly, no ladies sawn in half. Possibly they would consider that too ungentlemanly. All else they deliver with a suave wit and unfailing politeness so rare in this discourteous modern age; occasionally even explaining in high technical terms exactly how they go about fooling an audience, while still fooling them as they are saying it. How do they do it? We shall never know. All in all a very pleasant if mystifying soiree, and so much more refined than Mr. Daniels and his ilk.

**** (4 Stars)
John Christopher Wood