This production of D C Jackson’s play by Reform Theatre Company follows their usual policy of performing plays that are about ordinary people, but approached in ways that are a bit out of the ordinary. This one is no exception; starting from the seemingly unpromising premise of workplace romance between two young-ish people at the office, it moves cleverly on to look at how long-lost relationships can affect present ones; how that can distort judgement; and how in the end memories are not necessarily as accurate as we may think.

Amy and Tom come together, if that’s the right phrase, after a boozy after work session, and we follow the somewhat halting progress of their relationship backwards and forwards in time to their respective schooldays romances, and on into college days and the tangled web of office politics.

Scenes are often repeated from the point of view of both of them, and despite having a cast of only 3 it all works startlingly well, with Ryan Cerenko and Fiona Organ playing Tom and Amy and their respective old flames; and Samantha Edwards playing most of the other characters, both male and female. It does get mildly confusing at times, with all three switching character constantly on a spare set, and with no costume changes, but the skill, versatility and verve of the trio brings it all to life, with many wry asides to the audience, as the tangle of emotions is worked through in ways you don’t always expect.

A very warm, witty and insightful take on affairs of the heart, and an exemplary piece of ensemble playing from a talented cast.


John Christopher Wood

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