This is indeed a deceptively simple show, in which local hero Noel Britten (only begetter of the Bizarre Bath walk, Bath’s longest running piece of street theatre) and his childhood friend and fellow professional magician Richard McDougall talk to us about magic: why and when they became obsessed with it; its philosophy; its history; its practice. And, of course, they do quite a few tricks (occasionally demonstrating, and not just with anecdotes about other magicians, the ways in which they can go wrong). It’s an intimate and very personal show, filled with stories from their own careers, and famous incidents from the history of magic, including its dark side. No, not invoking Satan: using it in confidence trickery, of which there are some startling examples. There’s even an opportunity for the audience to learn a magic trick; though otherwise, of course, they don’t give any trade secrets away. It’s an amiable and informative piece from Bath’s own Penn and Teller, and you’ll have a laugh, find out some interesting things, and leave still scratching your head.


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood