Mischief Theatre has bravely stepped out with a second production following their huge hit “The Play that goes wrong.” Here they present Peter Pan, a delayed Christmas production which we are reminded many times is not a pantomime but demands great rapport with the audience from obligatory boos for Hook and the cheers for the unlikely hero in the crocodile costume.

It is without question an evening of sheer fun, the feverish farcical physical comedy leaves the audience breathless; the stage combat set pieces and flying catastrophes beautifully choreographed, the random and purposely hideous dance routines to superfluous musical numbers just another vital ingredient to Mischief’s fiercely successful recipe.
The design from Simon Scullion is an excellent device, the revolve allowing a free fall through the various sub plots on and offstage, the corny low budget show carefully crafted into something far more clever and versatile.

The company work seamlessly together, switching in and out of costume at a seemingly impossible speed and still allowing all stunts to appear spontaneous and at times far too real for comfort.

There is something different using this formula with a story that is already known; somehow the expectation is greater and the anticipation higher of moments where a “gag” might appear. Whereas in the first production the unknown plot ensured that expectation of moments were very low and the result a little more surprising.
That aside this is a hugely enjoyable show. A rare opportunity to have a production that is accessible to all generations with the entertainment rooted in the sheer skill and precision of teamwork. It is a perfect half term treat for the younger theatre goer and for those with knowledge of the world of amateur theatre it is full of the usual gossip and intrigue. This is Peter Pan with guaranteed laugh out loud treats for the whole family. Grab a ticket now.

**** (4 Stars)

Petra Schofield