This hugely entertaining production of the classic Grimm tale has been given a musical treatment by a new writing team Matt Harvey and Thomas Hewitt Jones, the result is a highly impressive witty, fast paced and warm hearted show.

The story of Emily, who is given to the King by her boasting Miller father on the understanding that she can spin straw into gold, is a classic with a dark twist in the form of Rumpelstiltskin, the ruler of the dark wood.

The casting is spot on; Iris Roberts (Emily) carries the central role with great quality. The excellent script and lyrics allow for equal opportunities and forthright expression and with a huge helping of humour the Naming Song is an extraordinary task to perform.

Richard Lowe (The King) is a rather endearing and useless royal who makes the most of every comic moment, whipping the children in the audience into a flurry whilst Stephen Leask (The Miller) was a doting father whose Dad dancing at the wedding was quite delightful.

Crystal Condie (Rumpelstiltskin) provided a sinister and agile figure.

The well balanced script and striking music ensured the tale held its energy and pace until the final scene keeping small folk and adults enthralled.

This is an ideal family outing for those over 7, the lively choreography from Cressida Carre and expert direction by Lotte Wakeham creates a show with great style and class.

This will no doubt become a very hot ticket – get in quick and don’t miss out on this festive treat.

**** (4 Stars)

Petra Schofield