Monty Python’s Spamalot is an evening of sheer fun.  Wrapped up in the crazy world of Python to keep the fans happy and for those none the wiser, the humour is sufficient and the thinly veiled storyline enough to keep anyone entertained.

Here we have the leanest of plots of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but the reality is that it is two hours of sheer enjoyment. The music is catchy and the lyrics witty; there are moments of inspired choreography alongside some relentless gags and a set that purposely looks like a high class pantomime.

Joe Pasquale is King Arthur with Joe Tracini as comedy sidekick Patsy; Sarah Earnshaw is excellent as a full voiced and glamorous Lady of Lake but it is the outstanding company that keeps evening alive.  The individual Knights as well the continual switching of roles displays great energy and versatility.  Richard Meek is a dashing Sir Galahad and Richard Kent a fine Prince Herbert.  Ensemble work is strong and a scene on the French castle ramparts bringing roars of laughter.

There is much to enjoy in this production, it has been scaled down to fit the smaller venues but it does not seem to detract from what clearly is a show aimed at sharing a good dose of happiness and escapism; we should all try to remember to look on the “bright side of life” once in  a while.


**** (4 stars)


Petra Schofield