Green Park Station and touring


The Urban Playground Team are the original performance – parkour company, combining dance, physical theatre, slapstick and authentic French free running in highly accessible narratives for the whole family.


The 5 performers weave various scenarios around the static scaffold structure. The moods change rapidly; Buster Keaton and James Bond are in attendance alongside a trip across the American Wild West. There is a reminder of the horrors of the future of commuting but the emotive and reflective farewell on the WW1 platform is a powerful pause for thought in the midst of the fun.


The huge skill and energy is apparent with audience participation encouraged, it is an excellent event for all. This is a refreshingly different and inspiring approach to storytelling. The mix of disciplines ensures a varied and visually creative production which was well received by the large crowds.


The final performance in Bath is 1st June at Green Park with workshops available over the next few days to encourage participation. Onward tour dates are on the website.


All details on line: or to take part contact: .uk



**** – 4 Stars



Petra Schofield