As you might gather, this is a show about the trials and tribulations of having kids, well, a kid, in Taylor Glenn’s case. It goes from before conception to toddlerhood, if that’s a word, and it spares no detail, however gory. She lets you know, in no uncertain terms, her feelings, positive and negative (mostly negative) about the whole process. In the wrong hands, this sort of confessional comedy can become tedious, a therapy for the performer rather than entertainment for the audience. Happily, Glenn’s hands are the right ones. This feisty American can make any aspect, however agonising, of pregnancy, childbirth, post-natal depression, and exhausting childcare into laugh-out-loud comedy, while still giving an audience an empathetic understanding of, and sympathy with, her travails. Fast on her feet (even when on her back), her gags impeccably timed, she’s like the Joan Rivers de nos jours, but without the plastic surgery. Clever stuff.


                                                                                         John Christopher Wood