Already being heralded as the next new cult comedy ,“The Play That Goes Wrong” arrives in Bath this week, having recently received the accolade of Best New Comedy at the 2014 awards. This production does not disappoint.
Based on the assumption we have all sat through one if not more appalling whodunit type shows in our time; the characters are rooted very strongly in the worse am dram caricatures imaginable so the combination is clear and the result a chaotically brilliant display of physical theatre, technical disasters, lost props, missed cues and so much more.

The hapless director of the Cornley Polytechnic Society, Chris, takes centre stage to proudly invite us to the production and the woes of the recent lack of members that has resulted in shows such as “Ugly and the Beast” “Two Sisters” “Lion and the Wardrobe” and “Cat.” The tone is set and the romp is off.

Directed with precision by Mark Bell, the razor sharp timing of the stunts and gags are quite breathtaking and the energy from this large company keep the pace at a break neck speed that highlights the potential dangers and well as the enjoyment from productions of this standard.

This is worth every breath and should be on prescription; given the woes around the nation it can only be someone who has endured a full scale sense of humour failure that would be left untouched by this extraordinary team.

Petra Schofield