Well, I liked his jacket for a kick-off; he has very good taste in jackets and this one was an elegant nod to military chic and the Beatles’ stage suits, in a fetching shade of burnt orange… Sorry, what was the act like? Well it certainly lived up to the quality of the jacket.

Whether or not you think Tom Wrigglesworth is utterly at odds with the universe, this was an engaging, mildly fictionalised trawl through his life and times, in particular his relationship with his grandfather, now deceased.

But it didn’t stop there. There were his rather graphic but hilarious musings on the logistical difficulties that might be involved in gay sex (not the sort of thing you might hear in his excellent Radio 4 shows); there was a disquisition on the oddities of elevators in high-rise Dubai buildings; how to make yourself unpopular at a black-tie dinner full of Establishment grandees; and much more.

But granddad featured large in this affectionate, poignant, sometimes scabrous, but always wryly funny tribute. And his appeal is to all generations. As his audience survey from the stage showed, the age range in the room was from 13 to 91.

Comedy gold.

**** (4 Stars)
John Christopher Wood