Pam Valentine’s A Dog’s Life gives an insight into the humour and pathos of life in a dog’s shelter – from the canine viewpoint.

What a great way to kick off the fringe at Burdall’s Yard this year, funny, moving and beautifully played by a stellar cast.

Directed by Tiffany Rhodes, this production brought out many characteristics of four of the ‘inmates’ with a sharpness that highlights the play’s keenly-observed dialogue to best effect.

Charles Walker gave a touching portrayal of Ben, the gentle old mongrel who makes a life changing choice based on the love and loyalty for his previous owner. Jamie Harradence brought life to Ginger, the food-obsessed puppy with much to learn from the other mutts.

Chloe Tailby highlighted the preconceived traits of the spoilt prima donna poodle, Fifi and antagonism towards the teutonic German Shepherd, Fritz, played by Russel Eccleston was neatly expressed  

The “humans” in the piece did much to annoy the fab four and proved how fickle and uncaring homosapiens can be to the canine world.

Go see it for its second performance on Sunday 29th at 6pm


***** – 5 Stars



Jack Rose



Charles Walker – Ben

Russell Eccleston – Fritz

Liam-James Maddin – Brown Coat

Chloe Tailby – FiFi

Jamie Harradence – Ginger

Brydie Monaghan – Woman in White Coat


Tiffany Rhodes – Director