This extraordinary production from Homespun Theatre Company is everything that family entertainment should be about. A vibrant production of a unique and wonderfully engaging tale that will appeal to all ages They are a highly talented band of story tellers and theatre makers, should they come this way again, you would be mad to miss out.

Based on a Nordic folk tale, with all the essential ingredients of a Brothers Grimm classic, good triumphs over evil and a happy ending is secured. The Theatre Company devise through improvisation and some script work. Their strength is in the physical theatre and movement, choreographed by Gail Gordon. The pace never fails in energy or emotion, ensuring that the compelling story keeps all on task.

As with the most successful shows it is hard to imagine that it is either directed or “staged” the natural rhythm and effortless enthusiasm from the company is both inspiring and uplifting. The music is memorable and well performed; the audience participation at the beginning of the show is also well handled and extends the warmth of the acting company.
Hannah Drake directs the piece with style and a great vision, supported by Anna Michaels as Design Consultant and LX design from Bee George.

It would be wholly inappropriate to single out performances as it would be rare to find such a fine team. Natalie Codsi, Hannah Douglas, Roddy Peters and Samuel Griffiths swap characters at the drop of hat or the picking up of a head scarf. This is a fine team and one worth looking out for in the future.

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Petra Schofield