Frogs – “A comedy not about Frogs” – is a modern adaptation of Aristophanes’ Greek comedy by the same name. It follows the story of Dionysus, God of Drama, who travels to Hades to settle an age old argument. ​In this adaptation, the argument is this: who is better – Jane Austen or William Shakespeare?

Hecate Theatre Company tackle this new play, written by Charles Scherer, with bucket loads of energy, fully equipped with on-point comic timing and a range of colorful characters. This classic has been given a burst of fresh air with plenty of modern references, from Fifty Shades of Grey to Disney’s Frozen. The show boasts a talented all female cast – Gemma Reynolds, Hannah-Marie Chidwick, Melissa McCarthy, Bella Fortune and Maya Grant – all of whom add something special to a very well oiled ensemble.

Although Frogs is not a comedy about Frogs, it’s the Frogs who steal the show. All of the cast are painted in varying shades and quantities of green, taking it in turns to become the Frogs who guide us through the story. These frogs are extremely entertaining, an absolute delight to watch from start to finish. They give the show a unique childlike quality that’s very refreshing.

This is a highly interesting show, both visually and aurally. The multi functional set, designed by Charlotte Cooke, is visually exciting, while giving the actors lots of scope to play. Use of music and original song provides great atmosphere throughout the piece and aids transitions nicely.

If you’re in Bristol this week, head over to the Alma tavern to watch this kooky comedy from Hecate Theatre Co. You won’t be disappointed!


Frogs runs from Tuesday 24th June – Saturday 28th June at the Alma Tavern.

*****(5 Stars)

Grasey Mayes

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