“Welcome to webcamland” the phrase strikes horror in the hearts of most parents along with the dangers of grooming or sexual exploitation. However this stunning new play from Pipeline Theatre shows a different world. Here, those left to wander the void of bereavement are torn apart and the results are both heartbreaking yet startlingly possible.  The vulnerability of both child, adult and sex worker are explored with equal voice and the results are explosive.

Rosa, 15, is an innocent young girl used to private education and nannies. Her mother has died and her father loses the house and his business.  They find themselves in cheap rented accommodation and their new neighbour Candy, is a “web –camming” sex worker whose agoraphobia stops her leaving her “princess palace” but provides a safe haven for Rosa from her alcoholic, broken father.

Performances are outstanding.  The writing is fluid, natural and fiercely original sparking deep emotions whilst challenging many preconceptions and stereotypes.

Anna Munden (Rosa) is mesmerising, her transition from school girl to escort is breathtaking, engaging the audience at every step ensuring that there is not a shred of sentimentality but just the brutal reality of her life.  Angus Browns (Toby) is terrifying as a broken, threatening father desperate to cling to life and find a meaning without his wife. Kyla Goodey (Candy) is a wonderful creation of vulnerability, haunted by her past and desperate to keep her palace her own and the world a click away.

The simple set designed by Alan and Jude Munden is very effective, the projections, puppetry use of sound effects supports this production effortlessly; facilitated by the ever present Nix Woods.

This is small scale theatre at its best. It is an assault on the emotions, not in its shock value but in the very real way that life can come apart and at which point did friendship become grooming.  This is a harsh, provocative play, and it is very clear that Pipeline Theatre are a company to be reckoned with, this is work of the highest quality and should not be missed.


***** (5 Stars)


Petra Schofield

View the video trailer for it below: