This promenade show from Bath’s Natural Theatre Company leads us round the streets of the city to explore its history of food. Or so it says. But in true Naturals style, it’s all a bit skewed. We are welcomed, if that’s the word, by a manically enthusiastic ‘professor of symbology and baking studies at Bath Spa University’ with a mid-Atlantic accent and wild staring eyes. He tells us we are on a mission to find the secret ingredients of the Mystic Pie, the foundation of Bath’s culinary and spiritual life. We know about the Mystic Pie, don’t we? Er…. And off we go, meeting on the way Doctor Oliver, of biscuit fame, who regales us with some facts and many more crazed fictions about 18th century Bath; we encounter a mysterious monk from time to time, who turns out not to be quite who he seems (no spoiler here); another icy and rather scary medical lady who interrogates us about our non-existent knowledge of The Pie; and the jolly gin-soaked bakery visionary Sally Lunn. On the way we also take in three separate eateries, where we get to sample their wares, including pizza, churros (look it up), and what I think may be a lobster burger (!) – at any rate it is delicious; before finally rejoining the mad ‘professor’ for the rather unexpected denouement. All of this amiable nonsense is put over with tremendous verve by a nimble cast who are never unnerved by any interruptions or misfires of timing along the way. All this and things to eat, too! Great fun.



                                                                                         John Christopher Wood